Bits are an internal currency rewarded to you after every completed activity which can be converted into Bitcoin.

Why there is only Bitcoin available?
Bitcoin is the most trusted, known and used crypto currency available and we're not planing to add other crypto currencies.

Some other trusted cryptos might be added in the future
So let's see how  you can use the site :

· The Faucet       Also quite simple , press the button , fill the captcha and get rewarded just for this :) 

· Shortlinks        Open the link , follow the instruction and then you return to the site with your satoshi already in your account !!
(Shortlinks guide coming soon)

· Offerwalls       Offerwalls offer unlimited chances to everyone to earn in multiple ways, Install ads , Play games , Watch videos,
complete surveys. Almost every possible way to get rewarded for something already exists in our offerwalls.
Feel free to explore and use every chance to fill you wallet :)

· The lottery      Feel lucky ? Buy a ticket and you might be winner of the weekly lottery :D buy more tickets for the prize to grow more

· Dice             Place your bet and enjoy. A provably fair game for the ones who like to take chances or just want to relax with some

·Rainchat Just keep your chat open and get random amounts of satoshi

· Refferals         Use your unique refferal code to invite friends to BobUltimate and we give you 10% of your refferals earnings (These
are deducted from OUR profit as a thank you for supporting us and not from your refferals earnings)

· PROMOTE     Use advertisments to get refferals to any site you feel you can gain. Thousands of people get to see your ad and its the best way to create some steady income from this industry :)
Bantoshi is the special coin we give you when you decide to break the rules and we have to BAN you from using this site

Reasons to win Bantoshi :

Multiple Accounts
You are allowed to register and use just one account. If you register more than 1 account, we will disable all your accounts! one account per IP allowed.

Use of Proxy/ VPn services to access the site
No, you are not allowed to use Proxy/VPN. We expect you to use this website from your personal device, if you use Proxy/VPN, your payout request will be rejected and your account will be suspended.

Use of Bots / Scripts/ Abusing offerwall etc.
Not even thin about it. As soon as you get caught using any "smart" idea to cheat you your account will be termionated wiht no further notice

Feel free to visit TOS rfor further details.

Please understand that cheating will only result to lower prizes for legit users somthing that will not be tolarated.

We currently offer you 2 microwallets and direct payment to your btc wallet.


Withdraws for this wallet from 2000 satoshi. Manually and usually within one day but may take up to week.

Express crytpo:

Withdraws for this wallet from 2000 satoshi. Manually and usually within one day but may take up to week.

Direct wallet :

Minimum withdraw 25000 satoshi. you can use any wallet of your choice. just fill your btc adress and your satoshi will be send to you within 24-72 hours.
What are shortlinks and how to win money from them? 

In shortlinks the only thing you have to do is visit a site which will eventually redirect you back to Sato ads

Why i get paid for this ?

You get to see some ads in the pages you visit and the advertisers pay for this, this is the only concept so plz understand that ads , banners and popups are needed in order you to get paid. It might seem difficult in the begining but after you complete some of them then you will be able to solve them in no time, just be patient for the timers to run out and search for the right button to continue.

A shortlink is too hard for me
Sometimes shortlinks are not designed for the device you use and can make it quite difficult (never impossible but sometimes too time consuming ) to finish. What to do ? First try setting your browser to desktop mode and try again.

Still some shortlinks too hard for me. What to do ??

Just skip it. We have no obligatory shortlinks rules so if you feel frustrated or tired by some shortlink just get to the next one. Make a list of shortlinks providers that give you a hard time and avoid them. Better make 3 ones that fit you more than waste much time to finsh one :)

Photos and videos to be added soon 
Every once an while everyone can give a rain af coins to all users who are connected to chat :D :D

Auto rain will be added soon so just keep your chat open , dont get banned and just earn random Bits
So respect the rules of chat
1 English Only
2 no Reflinks
3 no Spam
4 Be polite to admins and rest of users

Two games of Luck An one of Skill for you to try

Lottery : Weekly we have a lottery , Buy more tickets to increase your chances of wining and the prize pool

Dice : a week too Long for you wait ? try your luck at dice , Bet and get instant results

Investment Game : Show your trading skills by predicting BTC price in the next 5 minutes
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